Pre-sale Products Policy

  1. The shipping time of pre-sale product is subject to a delivery notice from the producer, there always occurs delaying of shipment. A refund of the deposit is not supported due to this reason. The features and accessories of the product may be different from the pictures on our website, and the actual product refer to the receiving package. As a dealer, we can’t assure the shipment time and the quality of the product. All the transactions are in line with the principle of voluntary, once we receive the payment, it is regarded as you have accepted the policy.
  2. The pre-sale product will be kept for 7 days after the buyer is notified of the balance and shipment fee. If the buyer fails to finish the payment within the time limit, the product will be sold to the other customer who booked or will be sold as normal product. The product will no longer be reserved, and the deposit will not be refunded or exchanged. Since the products price will fluctuate according to market price, exchange rate, etc., which are not under controlling, no matter whether the market price rises or falls, the balance will be paid according to the pre-sale price on the page.
  3. After placing an order for pre-sale product, the order will be delivered in the form of a virtual pre-sale card. After the buyer confirms the receipt of the pre-sale card, the pre-sale product order will be reserved after the transaction is completed. No refund of the deposit after the reservation is made. (If you have any concern, please contact our customer service. Fail to reply or confirm the receipt is regarding as the buyer has agreed with above terms).
  4. Enable you to receive the balance notice successfully, please be sure to keep in touch with the customer service via the customer service email and Facebook message. The customer service staff will give a shipment quotation based on the actual situation of each order, including the weight and size of the product, and the place of origin, by email to inform the balance of payment.
  5. The shipping fee of the pre-order item is estimated fee. Once we get the package of the items, we need to refer to the price standard of the logistic company then evaluate the actual cost on shipping based on the weight and shape of the box. So the additional shipping fee maybe charged or not. We won't know the exact shipping rate until the figure is released, but we estimate that it may be just as expensive if not more expensive than the figure itself. Please keep this in mind before purchasing.Please contact our customer service for freight estimation. If you bought the pre-order item, we will inform your whether you need to pay extra shipping fee via email when the figure is ready to ship.

  6. If the order is cancelled by our store, a full amount of payment will be refund. If a refund is required due to the buyer's facts, the store will charge a 15% refund fee.
  7. Once the product is opened (if this can’t be sold again), it will be no-return and no-exchange. The above terms are accepted if you place an order. All opened products in our store which can’t be sold again are not eligible to the seven-day no-reason return and exchange rule.